Company Profile

MarcGyver Consulting (Pty) Ltd Company Profile

Established in 2016, MarcGyver Consulting is in it’s infancy stage of becoming one of South Africa’s leading managed IT service providers, offering outstanding IT service levels and cutting edge technologies.

  • Service is the core of our existence and have built several complimenting products around this philosophy.
  • We are constantly implementing the very latest technologies internally, but are always working on the older ones to be able to support both with exceptional quality and expertise.
  • We thank you for taking the time to view our profile and trust that we will be able to successfully meet your IT Requirements and have a first class journey together.

MarcGyver Consulting (Pty) Ltd offers the following IT Services:

IT Consulting Services

Maintaining a network of any size requires a carefully designed and planned solution. We strategically consult around your business objectives and use our carefully chosen products to match your business requirement from an IT perspective. Our primary goal is for you to concentrate on your core business functions while we ensure that your IT environment does not hinder them, but to improve them. The first step in getting your solution correct is to do an IT audit followed by recommendations, a fully documented site and a support agreement.

We have developed five fundamental segments to a good IT solution. Consulting, Connectivity, Support, Hosting and Hardware & Software. Each of these 5 aspects involves many other products and services which will be outlined during our consultation with you. Our offering guarantees to give you the assurance that you can operate effectively and more productively at a reasonable cost.

IT Support

MarcGyver Consulting supports companies of all sizes in and around the Centurion and Pretoria areas. We provide onsite and remote support as well as outsourced IT support for companies who require onsite resources on a permanent basis.

Our service is nothing but the finest and our fast and friendly response, effective support methods and our powerful communication strategy is what rightly differentiates us from our competitors. Our service desk is managed by professionals who ensure a fast turnaround and accurate support provision.

We have designed our support packages around your requirements and use world class products to enhance our support experience to you. We offer three business support packages for Service Level Agreements (SLAs), each of which are specifically designed to give you the correct IT support solution for your business, be this onsite or remote.

Our management software allows you to login to our portal to view an Executive Summary of your IT environment – 24/7. We provide monthly management reports for you to view at your leisure assuring you that your IT is in respectable hands.

MarcGyver Consulting maintains high levels of service throughout our company so you can be assured to receive a classy experience from us.

MarcGyver Consulting has a tiered support structure to ensure that the correct support team deals with the correct problems. We offer desktop support through our tier 1 team, advanced desktop and software support through our tier 2 team and advanced server and networking support through our tier 3 support team.

IT Hosted Services

Cloud computing has been around for over a decade. Cloud solutions are predominantly software applications that are stored in a hosting centre which caters for power and connectivity redundancy so your business can always operate.

MarcGyver Consulting’s cloud services include products such as Cloud Backup, Cloud Storage and Private Virtual Servers & Services.

IT Connectivity

A properly installed network forms the backbone of every stable network. IT infrastructure consists of two core aspects. A local area network (LAN) and a wide area network (WAN). LAN and WAN infrastructure must also be designed correctly to ensure that your businesses objectives are met.

Our LAN infrastructure consists of cabling (Ethernet and Fibre Optic) and specifically chosen switches to give you the speed that your users need to enhance their productivity. Our WAN infrastructure is based on automatic failover and guaranteed connectivity to the internet at all times. These solutions are engineered around the limitations of the common ADSL solutions which are no longer effective.

With many users being mobile and where “on the go” connectivity is critical, your solution must be tailored to accommodate remote connectivity to your mail and data servers at any time of the day or night.

IT Hardware & Software

Our choice of hardware is a range of the most popular and well-priced equipment available which all carry a 3-year on-site warranty. This range stretches from enterprise servers, storage and switching as well as desktops, laptops, mobile devices all the way through to security.

We supply and support all common software packages widely used throughout South Africa. This includes software for all industries. We also cater for various licensing agreements to cover your entire IT infrastructure simply and cost effectively to keep you legal.

Website Design & Internet Marketing

We offer the following Web Design and Internet Marketing Campaigns and Consultancy.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Cost effective WordPress web design
  • Internet Marketing
  • Google “Adwords” Pay Per Click (PPC)

Questions to ask yourself

  • what is your website doing for your business?
  • where are you spending your marketing budget?
  • can you measure the success of your marketing spend?
  • how easily can you reach your exact target market cost effectively?
  • does your company’s website regularly bring you new business?
  • does your website clearly define your business’s core offerings & convert into leads?

What we do for your business

  • we build & manage websites that are designed to bring your company new customers.
  • your website should be bringing your target market customers to you, we set this up for you.
  • we build professional websites that are search engine optimised to improve your rankings.
  • we set up internet marketing campaigns to ensure you are spending your budget where you want and correctly to bring you new customers.
  • enable google analytics so you can review detailed statistics on what your website is doing for you and your company.